Our worship services are held every Sunday in the church hall on Queen Margaret Drive in Auchmuty, Glenrothes (see Location). The service begins at 10:45 a.m., and lasts approximately an hour, after which we have tea and coffee for those who want to stay and talk.

We have a Bible study each Wednesday. We have a time of singing followed by a Bible study, with plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions. Call 01592 744363 for details.

What Are the Services Like?

Our services include music, prayer, Scripture reading, and a Bible message of approximately half an hour. We do not take up an offering (see Financial Ethics). We use the Authorized (King James) translation of the Bible.

What Is the Music Like?

Music is vital in the church. Music has a message, and that message should fit the words. A reflective, thought-provoking hymn should have music which is slower and gives an opportunity to think. A joyful hymn should be upbeat and sung in a joyful manner, while a hymn about God's peace should have peaceful music. We use a variety of hymns in our services. We do not use rock music in the church, but neither do we believe God is honoured by music which sounds like those singing have already died! We emphasize the meaning of the hymns that we sing, so that our singing is not just "going through the motions", but is a vital and vibrant part of our worship. We use an organ to accompany our singing.

What is the Bible Message Like?

The purpose of the Bible message is to explain the meaning of a portion of the Bible and give applications to our daily life. The message is intended to have "Monday morning significance"; that is, it should be relevant to our actions and attitudes throughout the week. The purpose is not to entertain, but to communicate God's message from the Bible. However, the purpose is not to be boring either, and real-life examples and other illustrations are used to help make the message both interesting and understandable. We use the Authorized (King James) translation of the Bible, but information from the original Greek or Hebrew is used at times when it helps to understand the text.

For further information on our services, contact Rev. Jon Gleason on 01592 744363 or at Mind Renewers.

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